Ours is a story of a young company, but whose work is rooted in centuries of history.
Olive tree plantations grow lush over hundreds of hectares. The fertile soil, ideal for agriculture, gives our oil a unique taste.

It is the “Green Gold” Monti Iblei PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil bearing the geographic name “Val d’Anapo”.

The countryside extends down into the valley giving way to unspoilt nature.
Imposing trees intertwine with each other in a meshwork of branches which form a jagged and wild roof.

In addition to olive oil production, our farm produces also high-quality nuts, full of their natural goodness, as well as the finest Sicilian ancient grains.


Young Company

The Athenian writers Aristaeus taught us that a delicious juice can be obtained from olives..


…pleasant  in smell and taste, the flavor and scent of this oil tells about a land, its history, and its tradition.